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Northland is constantly reviewing opportunities to acquire select multifamily properties that fit our diversified portfolio and fund goals.

Investment Strategy

  • Market Selection

    We carefully choose markets for their long-term potential, focusing on both high-growth, low-tax markets with strong economic trajectories in the modern service and technology economy, and boutique, high barrier-to-entry tertiary markets with strong affordability and cultural appeal.

  • Adjacency Efficiency

    We often acquire directly-adjacent properties or clusters of properties within a specific submarket to capitalize on economies of scale and operational efficiencies.

  • Value-Add Opportunity

    We seek to uncover overlooked assets in need of significant capital investment, where current ownership or management is unwilling or unable to execute on the improvements.

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Pool and hot tub at luxury residential development, Via Lugano
Via Lugano
Boynton Beach, Florida
Northland Headline
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Exterior of mutifamily apartment development, Inspire Southpark
Inspire SouthPark
Charlotte, North Carolina