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Jul 15, 2020

Northland to be even greener

Wicked Local Newton
July 10, 2020
By Dan Ruben, Chair, Green Newton


The Northland Newton Development referendum had been contentious, but there was broad agreement that the project’s buildings would be environmentally-friendly. Among other attributes, Northland had committed to three Passive House certified buildings with 280 housing units, which would make it the largest Passive House development in Massachusetts. Passive House sets a very high standard for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, noise reduction and resilience.


Now, the company announced that it upped its game by committing to at least five Passive House buildings with 422 units of housing. Northland’s original commitment to Passive House has influenced other developers to follow their lead. Their new commitment will be widely noticed, too.


Green Newton is grateful to Northland for its leadership in advancing green construction in our state.